Password Dragon

Password Dragon 5.0.8

Portable secure password manager


  • No installation required
  • Complete entry for each password
  • Data can be copied straight away to the browser
  • Includes an importing/exporting tool


  • Basic, dull interface

Very good

With the number of available online tools and services, you'll be probably creating a couple of new usernames and personal profiles everyday. The question is, are you sure you remember al those passwords?

If your memory is already crammed with usernames, logins, password and the likes, you definitely need a password manager like Password Dragon. This simple tool takes care of all your passwords, enabling you to save them all in a safe, categorized database. Plus, being a Java-based app, you can run it on any operating system and even take it with you in a USB memory stick. Then, whenever you need you use your passwords, simply run the program and select the one you want.

To be honest, Password Dragon is possibly not the nicest app you've ever seen in terms of graphic design. Its interface supports skins but as any other Java tool, design is not the strongest point in this program. However Password Dragon does make up for it by presenting a really handy tool with a wide array of options to manage and protect your passwords.

You'll be able to create a complete entry for each of your passwords, including a password strength indicator and also a password generator in case you run out of ideas. The database is then encrypted and protected by one single, master password – the only one you'll need to remember from now on. The program also includes support to export and import your database.

Password Dragon lets you manage all your passwords in a straightforward –though somewhat dull – interface. It includes interesting extra tools such as a password strength measurer and a password generator.

Password Dragon is a free, easy and secure password manager that works on Windows, Mac and Linux, and that can also be run from a USB key. See what this app features for you:

  • The application is very intutive, user friendly and easy to use.
  • Files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm. Remember only the master password.
  • Organize all your userid,password,url and notes information in one file
  • Store additional information using the 10 additional customizable attributes
  • Data files are encrypted with BlowfishJ algorithm
  • Command line extension. Ability to view records from the command line without launching GUI.
  • Available in Multi Language.
  • Built-in random flexible password generator
  • Copy UserId and password to clipboard
  • Password Strength indicator
  • Data files are automatically backed up.
  • Application Inactive timeout. i.e Lock the aplication if not used for x minutes
  • File Locking Facility
  • Launch URL from the application
  • Records can be grouped using user defined categories. Very flexible category management.
  • Import records from text file
  • Export all/selected records to text,HTML and XML file
  • Search records on all/specific columns
  • Record sorting based on column names.

Password Dragon


Password Dragon 5.0.8

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